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Terms and Conditions

Whenever any person enters the sites or, or the Applications created by Amco (“Web Pages or Apps”) (property of Amco™) they automatically acquire the status of user (“User” from here on). When browsing the Web Pages or Apps, or using the services offered therein, the User tacitly agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions indicated below.

Amco™ reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions unilaterally and without prior notice. Likewise, Amco™ reserves the right to modify, terminate and/or suspend the content and design of its Web Pages or Apps, as well as the services offered therein, for which reason Amco™ will not be held responsible to the User for said modifications, terminations and/or suspensions.

The User agrees to make use of the Web Page or Apps in accordance with and subject to the purposes for which they were created; therefore, it is strictly prohibited to carry out any act for illegal purposes, or any act that violates the interest of Amco™ or any third party. Likewise, the User agrees to share the user passwords of both students and teachers only with the school staff and students through internal and controlled communication. It is not permitted to share the passwords of any Amco platform via internet pages or any other means open to the general public.

The User declares that they are aware that all services, materials, information, contents, catalogs, files, documents, databases, trademarks, notices, trade names, designs, notices, commercial names, images, and any other intellectual and/or industrial property belong exclusively to Amco™ and are subject to the terms and conditions contained in this document.

Failure to comply with any of the Terms and Conditions of use implies the immediate cancellation of the User’s authorization to use the platforms, as well as the obligation to destroy any material that has been downloaded or printed from the Web Pages or Apps.

In addition to the rules established elsewhere in this document, the following will be prohibited for the User:

  • to use the Web Pages or Apps for purposes contrary to morality, good customs, public order, and applicable laws or regulations
  • to copy, modify, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, transfer, delete, or affect the content and information on the Web Pages or Apps in any way, including its brands, notices, trade names, designs, images, labels, logos, and other intellectual and/or industrial property.
  • to carry out any act that damages or in any other way impairs the normal functioning of the Web Pages or Apps
  • to carry out any act that harms or damages the interests of Amco™
  • to use the content of the Web Page for commercial or private/personal purposes
  • to create works, services, or products derived from or based on those that appear on this Web Page

All materials, information and/or services to which the User has access through the Web Pages and Apps are the property of Amco™ and are protected by copyright and intellectual and industrial property laws. Any unauthorized use of these materials or services is a violation of such laws.

Amco™ does not expressly or implicitly grant any right to any service, material, information, content, catalog, file, document, database, brand, notice, trade name, design, image, and/or other intellectual and/or industrial property that exclusively belongs to Amco™.

All of the above is protected by Copyright laws, Intellectual Property laws, and/or Industrial Property laws as appropriate. The violation thereof will result in the application of the corresponding penalties and sanctions for the User.

Amco™ does not guarantee that the services it provides will meet the expectations of each User, nor that the service will be uninterrupted and/or that it will arrive with a certain level of speed and/or without errors. In addition to the above, it will be the User’s responsibility to have the necessary equipment with which to establish the connection and access the Website, including the costs related to it.

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